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“What I have found is that executive leadership coaching and the Applied Leadership Seminar are transformational. Not only do executives improve their leadership ability, but when teams come together for a shared learning experience about leadership they walk away not only being better leaders individually, but the team is more cohesive, the team knows what’s expected of it, and the team knows how to inspire the rest of the organization.”-Al Bolea 

What Clients Are Saying:

I met Al Bolea about 20 months ago in Houston when we were planning a restructuring of our company.   This was a significant change and I needed commitment and strong leadership from my core team.  On the first day of the seminar there was noticeable resistance in the room from some of the management team. Several of them admitted they thought, “here we go again another leadership course — can’t wait to get out of here.”  Al’s course content, teaching style, industry experience, coaching and candid demeanor changed all of the doubters and resisters to raving fans. I have participated in many leadership seminars over my 35 year career and the one Al put on that week raised the bar significantly.  Al has been a good coach and mentor since we first met and continues to communicate with the team today.

VP Champion Technologies

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