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“What I have found is that executive leadership coaching and the Applied Leadership Seminar are transformational. Not only do executives improve their leadership ability, but when teams come together for a shared learning experience about leadership they walk away not only being better leaders individually, but the team is more cohesive, the team knows what’s expected of it, and the team knows how to inspire the rest of the organization.”-Al Bolea 

What Clients Are Saying:

Two months ago Al Bolea delivered his Applied Leadership Seminar to 16 employees representing a cross section of the company from the top to the front line.  I have seen a change already – the collective behaviors have advanced and a stronger team is emerging.  We are dedicating the last half of our twice monthly operations leadership meeting to continuing the discussion that the leadership training has begun. In addition I've brought Al back for a repeat performance with another 16 employees.  It's all about the conversation and my senior leadership team and I have made the Applied Leadership model part of what we do.