What Participants Are Saying…

Al Bolea’s Leadership Seminar changed my life – personally and professionally. I learned the value in leading with respect, integrity and courage. My approach to conversations with clients, friends and family will never be the same. Al helped me to recognize the importance of effective, meaningful conversations in building successful relationships, which are the lifeblood of a true leader. Al provides an engaging environment for students by teaching through stories, real-life scenarios, and practice exercises. The seminar was an incredibly powerful experience that I’ll never forget!

Mr. Bolea’s Applied Leadership seminar gave me an in-depth practical guide for developing real and effective leadership as a person and a manager. I am involved in local politics in leadership roles and have found this guidance invaluable. As an international commercial pilot it has come in handy as well. Mr. Bolea has much real world leadership credibility based on his background and endeavors to motivate the student to similar achievements. I highly recommend his class.

Al’s professional business and industry experience allows him to deliver the information naturally. One of the most helpful tools I learned and have applied was to “let silence do the heavy lifting.” It has revolutionized the way I think about quiet space in a conversation, whether it’s a heated negotiation or personal conversation. I also learned how to give people space to deliver and not micro-manage. Al comes at a topic from so many angles that by the time you’ve finished the course, you have a toolbox that you can actually apply. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to become a leader or just get better at it.

This is not your typical course on being a leader. It does not simply tug at the heart strings with generic, motivational fluff to give you a temporary lift. This seminar will motivate you as well as provide the necessary tools to put your vision into action.  You will be better because if it, your followers will be better because of it, and your life will finally be on a true path with the inspiration and tool to propel you.

The Applied Leadership Seminar provided me with an intense insight into my own Leadership behaviours, good and bad. The guidance and analysis offered by Al was both fascinating and empowering, delivered in a manner which engages the delegate’s attention and ensures their involvement. I’d recommend the programme to anyone who is prepared to work to develop their own abilities.

I really enjoyed the Advanced Leadership Training sessions with Al Bolea. I must admit to being skeptical at first at “another leadership course”, though throughout the training session I found the course very valuable and informative. Really appreciated Al’s openness and willingness to share some of his real-life experiences, some of which had real resonance and helpful advice for me in my day-to-day job. Al’s ongoing assistance after the course has ended has also proven invaluable and demonstrates his own personal commitment to his teachings. Highly recommended.

The content of the leadership seminar was engaging and has real world applications. The most important lesson that I learned was that management is a series of conversations, not just performance metrics. I would suggest Al’s course to any business leader or anyone who aspires to be so. Thank You.

Al’s seminar helped me to realize my full potential at work by seeking significance and not authority! His “change agent” knowledge and hands on training not only gets you thinking, but gets you results!

By far one of the best leadership seminars I have ever attended. Al is a true leader and this shines through in his presentation. I left this seminar with a renewed sense of confidence.

Al is one of those few incredible leaders who can create a challenging, yet fun and exciting environment to work. Leadership encompasses a lot of different things, but one of the most important things any leader does is to inspire people to follow his/her vision……….I have worked for a lot of well-known and very successful leaders over the years but none were as successful as Al at creating a vision and inspiring his staff to follow a path to that vision. He has created a leadership training seminar that is hugely successful. Few people have the experience and skills to really teach successful executive leadership……professors generally do not have the skills………….…..Al does.

Al Bolea’s Applied Leadership course has been an invaluable step in the progression of my career. Since taking his course, I have grown both personally and professionally, and I attribute much of the success I’ve experienced to the leadership skills he taught me. His teaching style is engaging, collaborative, and thought-provoking, which made each day of learning a pleasure to be a part of. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in furthering their career through personal growth, or to any business striving to improve the dynamics of their team in a relatively short period of time.

I strongly recommend this seminar for anyone who aspires to fill a leadership role in the company they work for.  Bolea is a dynamic instructor with amazing experience. He is passionate about the topic, and cares about his students. In prior leadership courses and seminars I have taken, there always seems to be an ego that gets in way of the message. That is not the case with Al. His message is clear and not clouded with self-righteousness. He truly is a great role model for his teachings, and I implemented many of his lessons quickly and easily with great returns.

Mr. Bolea gave me a refreshing perspective regarding my professional aspirations, and showed me a different way of looking at prospects I had not thought about before. I was frustrated with how my career seemed to lurch and bump along — never getting out of the slow lane. After taking Mr. Bolea’s seminar, my thinking turned around, and my career is merging into the fast lane. Thanks, Al!

The Applied Leadership Seminar provided me greater clarity. Before attending the seminar, I did not understand myself and my impact. In my professional career I have been steering blindly and this seminar opened my eyes to an enhanced perspective. Al’s guidance helps you identify yourself and the needs you have. Now I am able to see my influence and effect change in a more robust way.. The Applied Leadership Seminar is the greatest value of any seminar, training, or university course I have attended. I revisit the Applied Leadership Workbook weekly and plan to attend the seminar again in the future.

Al Bolea’s Leadership Seminar is one of the most professionally, and personally, relevant courses I have taken. The seminar covered such a broad range of applicable information that I reference the seminar material almost daily. Over two years later and the seminar continues to impact how I lead and how I view the leadership of others. I would wholeheartedly recommend that all those in business from employees to owners take the Leadership Seminar.

I met Al Bolea about 20 months ago in Houston when we were planning a restructuring of our company.   This was a significant change and I needed commitment and strong leadership from my core team.  On the first day of the seminar there was noticeable resistance in the room from some of the management team. Several of them admitted they thought, “here we go again another leadership course — can’t wait to get out of here.”  Al’s course content, teaching style, industry experience, coaching and candid demeanor changed all of the doubters and resisters to raving fans. I have participated in many leadership seminars over my 35 year career and the one Al put on that week raised the bar significantly.  Al has been a good coach and mentor since we first met and continues to communicate with the team today.


The lessons from the leadership seminar are something I practice daily, which is of course a lesson from your course: that leadership needs to be practiced, that it can be learned, and should be shared. The beauty of this is that these practices set up a positive feedback loop. If you practice well you see an immediate positive impact, which makes you more determined to practice, which leads to more noticeable results, and so on and so forth. One guarantee I think you can make to all of seminar attendees: they’ll know how to be better leaders by the time they’re done.


Al’s Applied Leadership seminar was the most valuable leadership course I have taken to date and I can honestly say it was LIFECHANGING for me! I wish there were more seminars I could take from Al!

Al was engaged by our Eastern Hemisphere Vice President to provide leadership coaching for his senior management team. Two one-week sessions were conducted in Edinburgh in July 2011 and June 2012. I have attended several leadership programs in the past few years but those lead by Al have provided me with the most useful tools to develop my leadership skills. Al’s practical experience in industry has provided him with a depth of experience and knowledge on leadership that he shares openly during his coaching sessions. I believe that my own leadership style has improved as a result of the time spent with Al.


This seminar lays the foundations for leadership and I continue to reference the material on a regular basis. From introspection, to teams and the organization as a whole, this seminar gracefully guides individuals through all phases of leadership. Al brings a plethora of experience, sincerity, and ingenuity to the classroom. He takes an interest in each individual’s learning and provides opportunities for practice and reflection.


During the course of the seminar the most powerful point was realizing I could reframe my story,            and become a leader in all parts of my life. In Applied Leadership, students become aware of their current leadership style and are challenged to reframe it. They emerge as leaders who communicate effectively and are able to support the people around them. The content is real-world and focuses on how by actively practicing the leadership strategies outlined one can become a true leader.

On the two occasions with which I have been lucky enough to attend Al Bolea’s courses, I enjoyed and have retained many of the thought provoking messages he delivers and have returned on regular occasions to the course book and the notes to help me resolve some pressing issue within my own team. His influence on what was a semi-dysfunctional group was considerable and he helped establish an autonomous, balanced “band of brothers” with confidence in honest conversation as an ongoing legacy regardless of the challenges the future now brings…

It was a privilege and honor to attend the leadership seminar. I find myself applying the principles and lessons learned in the course, at times, without even realizing that I am doing that in addressing and finding solutions on issues impacting the Alaska Native of Native Community. Thank you very much!

Al Bolea certainly distinguishes himself from other motivational and educational speakers during his Applied Leadership Seminar. His perfect blend of story-telling, motivation and skills practice engages the room throughout the entire seminar, drawing you in immediately with his opening monologue, then capturing your attention with his insight and experience until the end.

We’ve had Al here twice and leading up to both events, Al worked with me directly to incorporate the language and concepts specific to our business development program, giving it significance to everyone. Our audience included those in management as well as front-line staff from various departments in the bank, and the seminar was thought-provoking for all.

His skills practice exercise has real-life application and is relevant to every employee within an organization, not just those in management. The skill applies outside of the workplace as well, giving people the confidence and know-how to address any challenging situation.

I absolutely recommend Al Bolea and our organization will certainly have him back in the future.


On behalf of the Project Management Institute Alaska Chapter (PMIAK), I would like to extend our appreciation for the “Leadership: Innate or Acquired” dinner meeting that you conducted in September 2014. The feedback from our community of project managers who span a diverse set of industries, ranging from oil & gas to transportation to information technology to government and the like, has all been positive. You were able to hold their attention indicating to me that your material was right on target for a multitude of industry professionals. As a direct result of your instruction, I have taken a different tack with respect to vision. You reinforced the concept that vision is a quality that sets apart great leaders. Today I take the time to think about where my teams and I are heading, and focus my energy on the opportunities that lie ahead rather than the problems of the past. Again, thank you for sharing your practical and pragmatic insights with us!

Al – congratulations on a well-deserved honor from Leadership Excellence.  In reality your highest honor is the one you receive everyday – the fact that so many individuals are applying your leadership teachings on a daily basis – both at work and in their personal lives. I found your Leadership course (and your book) transformational – I am a work in progress but thanks to you I now have the tools to become a much better leader and individual. My best – and sincere appreciation.


Nice to hear such positive feedback regarding your summer class. I know the students (in and across all your classes) feel the same way about you.  And I want to take this occasion to thank-you again for sharing your wisdom and insights with our students.  Indeed…I have been remiss in not stating more frequently that each and every class you teach for us is greatly-greatly appreciated.


Outlier! Al was the top rated speaker at the 2015 Alaska State HR Conference. His session was packed and had to be closed to the disappointment of many. With 94 percent of the attendees giving him the highest mark, he was described as engaging, subject matter expert, energetic, entertaining, educational and fun.


For Petro Star and me personally, I found the Applied Leadership Seminar to be exactly what we were looking for to take our refinery management team to the next level.  It was so beneficial we conducted an abbreviated version for our entire refinery operations department.


On behalf of the National Association of Purchasing Management, Alaska, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your presentation to our group.  As Professional Purchasing Managers, we are tasked with leadership decisions on a daily basis.  Your presentation contained valuable information to guide our decisions, but also provided motivation for continued learning in the field.  We are extremely grateful that you were willing to take time from your busy schedule to speak with our group.  We look forward to a return visit in the future.


Two months ago Al Bolea delivered his Applied Leadership Seminar to 16 employees representing a cross section of the company from the top to the front line.  I have seen a change already – the collective behaviors have advanced and a stronger team is emerging.  We are dedicating the last half of our twice monthly operations leadership meeting to continuing the discussion that the leadership training has begun. In addition I’ve brought Al back for a repeat performance with another 16 employees.  It’s all about the conversation and my senior leadership team and I have made the Applied Leadership model part of what we do.


Thanks to the support and encouragement of people like Al Bolea (a phenomenal leadership trainer and coach), my horizon is expanding and I find myself really beginning a career for the first time.


Al Bolea and Applied Leadership transformed our company. We are more focused, more capable, and better able to deal with opportunities and challenges. It’s amazing how much Al’s insights have influenced us, everything from our organization structure, to the way we manage performance, and to the people who make up the senior team. Personally, I view Al as a trusted confidant who’s always available for a conversation.

I graduated from the USFS BLM Alaska Middle Leader Program in May. Al was our instructor for the program. His ability to tell stories and pull the leadership lessons out of them was captivating. You immediately feel connected to him and feel all the leadership concepts and ideas he communicates are directly written for you. One of my favorite things was the Applied Leadership Model’s 5 Things That Leaders Do; 4 Ways Leaders Lead.  The message was immediately powerful and gave you the ability to grow and deepen as you practiced the lessons learned. Al is engaging, personable, connectable, and all-around fantastic person, mentor, and leader. He is an invaluable resource for leaders of every level, and I had my share of “ah0ha” moments.

Al’s insight on leadership was truly beneficial to me in my position. What I truly appreciated was Al’s availability beyond the courses (which were excellent) to discuss thoughts and follow up from what we learned. This showed a real level of personal commitment and investment in me and my career, and in adding value to my organization.


If you are someone who has read about or is currently in a leadership role and think there is not much more to learn – you’re wrong.   The Applied Leadership Seminar will challenge and develop you like no other class. Why?  Because topics, exercises and one-to-one advice connect directly to each participant, whatever your role or position.  As author and facilitator, Al Bolea has a gift for capturing and communicating the essence of leadership and, most importantly, for making you think…a lot!

Al shares his vast professional experiences, both good and bad, in a way that takes leadership from conceptual to personal.  He does not prescribe a “one size fits all” approach to leadership like many other business leaders do. He recognizes that by coaching the individual, the essential skills of effective leadership can be learned and applied by anyone to anything.

I would recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to succeed.